Compact City

Montaigne photo by Frizztext

The Japanese blogger “cocomino”
wrote (after the earthquake):

“To change the way of living needs a big change in city planning. “Compact city” is an old fashioned word among the city planners because motorization and the information society have progressed extremely. However, we should rethink the new “Compact city”. Living gathered around the center of the city is good for not only saving energy but also developing the local community.”

my comment, frizztext, Germany:
compare my concept of thinking at

I’m sure, I would escape from this island after such an apocalypse, leaving the nuclear disaster far behind me. Where to go to? Maybe retire in this old compact castle, where a 500 person community easily could live? Is it ironical to mention, that this German castle ELTZ is built on a volcano? The walls are full of rents, tears, holes, gaps, leakages and fractures. Maybe there is no safety anywhere? Or the results of Darwin’s thinkings should be changed to: Only who is strong enough to ESCAPE survives? But not those who creep together, head in sand, without movement like hedgehogs in the middle of the street, when a fast automobile comes …


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