Shigeru Ban – a chance for JAPAN

Centre Pompidou, architects: Shigeru Ban & Jean de Gastines. Metz. photo by Clément Guillaume

Shigeru Ban en personne
photo by VisiOkrOniK

In Japan, we all know, happened a apocalypse, a catastrophe with three actors: earthquake, tsunami, nuclear melt down at Fukushima. Now 90,000 people are evacuated, homeless. They are still living in schools and sport halls. No rooms for their own, only cabins divided by curtains. Quick solutions are needed to give those victims a new home – at least for a time. The famous Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has some good ideas. He often helped with alternative houses (built from recycled cardboard paper tubes), especially victims of earthquakes (Turkey + Kobe, Japan). Actually he tries to support with the idea of a container-system, movable. I hope they will understand in Japan, that in such times creative thinkers are needed very much – and follow him.

there you can read: “Ban’s refugee shelters (used in Japan after the Kobe earthquake, in Turkey, Rwanda and around the world) are very popular and effective for low-cost disaster relief-housing…” etc.
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wordpress blogger “cocomino”, Japan, discussing the situation of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown victims, who were forced to leave their houses …

Takatori Catholic Church, Hyogo, Japan. Design...

Image via Wikipedia

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comment there: “Takatori Catholic Church is a temporary church building erected in Kobe after Great Hanshin earthquake in 1995. It was donated (deconstructed and moved) to Taiwan in 2005″

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