Choir Of Grievance

Why anti-aging campaigns? There’s an advantage of aging: you are not forced to stand in line as a job-seeker in that modern world of global financial crisis
in opposite directions
title=”Wiener Beschwerdechor” (= “choir of grievance” in Vienna) photo by Thomas Lieser, Vienna – click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries
related: Thomas Lieser / onkel_wart often has his focus on the paradoxical dying parts of our big cities: visit his document series bankrupt – how houses die or discover a military war-jet landed on a parking place in the big-city jungle …
My German comment: Diese Foto-Komposition hat ihre eigene Message: “Was geht mich das Anstellen in der langen Reihe vor dem Arbeitsamt an, wenn ich in Rente bin…” = der Vorteil des Alt-Werdens: die genießbare Ignoranz angesichts der ins Irre laufenden Gegenwarts-Politik …

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