Bob Dylan


Joan Baez was part of the white political conscience in the civil rights movement supporting Dr. Martin Luther King. Maybe it was wrong, that she put so much energy into Bob Dylan. He was not loyal to her or to a political concept, even not continuously loyal to an unplugged acoustic guitar style. He liked surrealism – and that means the maniac escape from everything. He was selfish, robbed some songs (The House of the Rising Sun), utilized fully the people around him: But nevertheless, the film document “NO DIRECTION HOME” by Martin Scorsese (2005) featured him unforgettable cool. Maybe cooler than Joan Baez or Buffy Saint-MarieJohn Lennon or Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti or Andy Warhol and all the others, who crossed his path to the top of fame. He was adorable strong with his capability to ignore press or pop music fans. And he gives me hope and optimism: that my own fingerstyle blues guitar is not the worst method to treat a guitar.

When I wrote today about Bob Dylan, I remembered, that the anti-war song UNIVERSAL SOLDIER at first was performed not by Donovan or Bob Dylan but by the female Canadian singer / songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie!!! I sat down in my garden and fingered it out on my Dobro guitar

“Buffy was blacklisted by the Johnson and Nixon administrations for her involvement in the Vietnam anti-war movement and her fight for native people’s rights, which continues to this day…”: more about Buffy Sainte-Marie, a native Canadian Cree Indian, at Buffy_Sainte-Marie
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