We are survivors

If a New Year begins, we usually also take a little time to look back. We are all survivors, some of us not. And from Titanic to Zeppelin, from Russian submarine to US airplanes also things every year discovered their final countdown. So this photo became a great metaphor for me, that everything has an end.
National Aircraft scrapyard, Tuscon, Arizona
title=”National Aircraft scrapyard, Tuscon, Arizona” by Telstar Logistics = Todd Lappin, journalist, Global Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA – image sent to my flickr group BLOG IT! – click on the photo to enter Todd Lappin’s photo collection. He comments with humor: “An old TWA 707 cockpit, with some 707 landing gear alongside. It’s an unnatural pairing… kind of like having your ankles up near your ears…”

We are all survivors
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chords for guitarists: Em C H Em all the way through…
You thought I wouldn’t sell without ya: Sold nine million!!!

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