No-fly zone

Ejection Seat, bilingual

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sign, found on a jet in an aircraft museum
in Munich; you can use this warplane
(Mirage used by Gaddafi, Mirage used
by Sarkozy; Tornado + Typhoon by UK)
both over Arabian nations as well in
English spoken areas … – but I’m sure,
the question is not, how to get out off
a single jet, but, on the other side, how
to get out off the next war (after the
Iraq and Afghanistan disaster)…

UN resolution: no-fly zone over Libya. Gaddafi considering new tactics. NATO considering some strategies. France, UK, USA bringing some ships to the coast of Libya. Against a military conflict in such a dimension: Russia, China, Germany, Brazil and India. The Arab League (Quatar, United Arab Emirates – maybe not a good argument) supports Sarkozy, who is the leader of protest against Gaddafi. The son of Gaddafi is surprised: “Oh, we gave money to Sarkozy to help him to win his elections.” Several kinds of wars in Arabia are coming up. No automatic ejection seat to leave – neither a war-jet nor the complete situation at all.

P.S.: France and UK delivered modern military equipment for millions of $$ to Gaddafi in the last years. The Nato now has to fight against their own weapons …

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