Music Pub Stage

I played one year in a music pub in my hometown Wuppertal, Germany, but it is closed now! I’m sad – and glad, if I find existing music clubs with open stage and jam sessions via Internet, for example the one of Gitika Partington near London…

me, sitting on the left side, playing busy rhythm guitar; but it’s gone …

now Gitika Partington’s collected stage events in a (I hope) still existing music pub. Notice the microphone of the moderator! I also like the never ending tuning of the man (or woman?) with tea pot hat …

do you know more of those locations – worldwide?

I was inspired to make this post by: Gitika Partington: WHAT / an acoustic evening

me and my Gypsy guitar:
next: portraits of musicians, I had the pleasure to meet:
Kai Heumann (Cuba), Waldemar Parra (Chile), Gennadiy Pilch (Ukraine), Andrey Shilov (Ukraine)
Kai 2+waldemar parra + kai heumann+in-discussion+Andrey Shilov - Musician

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