no one is perfect
above: title=”no one is perfect!” photo by pannaphotos, sent to my group BLOG IT!
below: the perfect organized daily future plan …

We can’t get good results of thinking, if we are not able, to make the results more abstract. We can’t be satisfied by describing only following the simple rules of chronology: We have to rank things, finding, what is important, what not! What has been a success, what failed and is to blame. There are some visual compositions, trying to describe the structures of creative thinking – I think, the photo on the left, taken by pannaphotos: could be taken metaphorical on a planning or résumé / summary level …

second graphic:
the perfect goal,
no Waterloos,
no lethargy,
just the joy and happiness,
the enthusiasm and hope
of pure planning energy …
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thanks to the wordpress-team for inspiring so many bloggers with the “postaday2011” project. a good plan! I am surprised daily, what topic I’ve chosen to write about. something in a plan must remain OPEN. a plan is only a frame. we have to fill this frames …

compare my article with the title ABSTRACTION!

another metaphorical photo
of the photographer
“pannaphotos” / Anna in Italy:
interior, waiting hypothesis
title=”interior, waiting hypothesis”

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