Eye Hospital
title=”Eye Hospital” by the concept artist Werner Schnell, Germany

ART is to make an order. ORDER IS ART. A new order creates new art. Some of the artists only use oil or acryl on canvas. Sculptors often took expensive materials. Modern artist more and more use trash to feature the same idea, for example the concept artist Werner Schnell, Germany: for him also ART is to create ORDER, tidiness, arrangement, classification, regulation. An artist always is frightened by chaos. I’m sure, Piet Mondrian would agree. Even Terence Conran, the guru of interior design and the principle of making order at home. The great artist Arman can’t applause – sorry to say: He died some years ago. I do not believe in heaven. I say: death = a wonderful organized system, a human being, loses his order, tumbling down, back again to his roots: chaos.

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