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Andrey Shilov - Musician by Frizztext
Andrey Shilov – Musician, a photo by Frizztext on Flickr.

The project – playing for change – is very sophisticated and not easy to copy. I’ve joined on the other hand a project organized by the British film director Ridley Scott titled “LIFE IN A DAY” = 2010-7-24 – it was a Saturday. I had planned to visit the LOVE PARADE – Duisburg Death Parade – near my hometown in DUISBURG in Germany to make some photos and videos. But I was forced to stay at home, because a classical guitar player from the Ukraine, Andrey Shilov – Russian Strength – he wished, that I made some videos featuring his concentrated art. Now in the meantime a mass panic, a stampede, happened in DUISBURG at the “LOVE PARADE”, later called in DER SPIEGEL magazine “DEATH PARADE”: death toll 21. Trampeled down because 1.500.000, at least more than 1 million visitors tried to enter a location with empty space for only 250.000 persons. So maybe my guitarist from the Ukraine saved my life. In my home record studio we were not trampeled down by anybody. I sent the video clip from this session to the British film-maker as a document of this day. He collected video clips from all over the globe for his idea to feature mankind on one day. Of course videos from mass stampede at the Love Parade also were featured. The collection actually is shown in German cinemas. The British film-maker was surprised to recieve a video clip from the Ukraine. No Sir, I’ve sent that from Germany, yes, the guitarist comes from the Ukraine. Germany: not able to organize a LOVE PARADE. But thanks, God, some visitors from the Ukraine every year visit Germany to support an uprise of the cultural level.
google some tags for the youtube project “Life in a day”: Life in a day,Sundance Filmfestival,July 24th 2010,Ridley Scott,Kevin Macdonald,

unbreak the circle or Dock of the bay / Playing for change

Duisburg Death Parade

Andrey Shilov

P.S.: I adore my old friend Geoff Quinn, he supported the san francisco boys and girls chorus very well several times – flying to Europe, or even to sing at the inauguration of president Obama …
Big Wave to OBAMA!
photo by Geoff Quinn supporting San Francisco Boys Chorus and San Francisco Girls Chorus

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