Happy Funeral Rites

Knowing that a New Orleans funeral has something of a happy ritual, I played my version – and watched with great interest a film document introducing funeral rites in GHANA, Africa. There are very happy moments. They put the dead family members in a coffin which tells the profession: a fisher into a fish coffin, a good mother in a large chicken coffin, a Mercedes Benz owner into such a car (wooden). And me? Please bury me in an over-sized guitar …

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11 responses to “Happy Funeral Rites

  1. Nice, Frizz. I would have to go in a flute box??

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    • Gilly, as I wrote the Ghana coffin sculptures article, I hoped that you had noticed the scene when you visited Accra, but I didn’t realize that you even made there such wonderful photo documents! The Coca-Cola bottle is new for me. Before one dies, they should give us the chance to test our dream-coffin a while as a bed! I already see me sleeping in a big guitar case, built by my son in law! Scottish cloth design inside…


  3. A pre-planned funeral … I’m not sure what I would want. Perhaps, an art palette. ~~~ : – )
    St. James Infirmary Blues a favorite song my hubby plays on clarinet. Well dung and played.

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    • greetings to your hubby, I remember you at first met him in the Public Library, Manhattan, right? Then he was seriously wounded doing his job for the police, so sad – but soothing: he had the chance to play with Woody Allan!

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      • Yes, Frizz, almost correct. We met in high school but went to the library in Manhattan on dates; no money. He played with Barry Manilow in the high school band. He used to see Woody Allen walking in Manhattan when he worked there. But, the wounded policeman is perfectly correct. Thank you for remembering. 😎


  4. Always good to have a few plans made!

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  5. At the museum here in Toronto they had some of those coffins on display. /Users/carolcormier1/Desktop/IMG_5054.JPG
    I don’t know if these photos will show up here in the comment section. I’ve never quite figured out how to do this.

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