Ben Heine – Brussels

Ben Heine, an artist living in Brussels (at first I discovered his project PENCIL VS. CAMERA), – he often works with the tools of irony or sarcasm, he explores strategies of mimicry or extreme individualism, so my passion for philosophy wakes up. For Socrates or Sören Kierkegaard IRONY was an important tool. For Arthur Schopenhauer or Ludwig Wittgenstein was a SOLO identity an important state of mind. In his latest YouTube video, Ben Heine tries to find a response to the latest political issues in Europe. Rene Magritte and his hat – and Ben Heine’s two helmets in his latest video clip: parallel ideas! Political art as a combination of music, video clip, Magrittean symbolism, and existentialism as a response to our complicated actual political issues: it’s an interesting contribution to a developing culture of protest. Do you remember the artist in Istanbul, “The Standing Man” Erdem Gündüz, who stood alone when the gathering was forbidden by the police? We all have to find strategies to react…

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2 responses to “Ben Heine – Brussels

  1. A great find, Frizz. We’re still reeling at the prospect of divorce from you! A peaceful parting of the ways, or endless recrimination over a painful division. Or maybe it won’t happen at all. Hard to tell with all our current political shambles. But there’s recently been quite a good BBC programme on Nietzsche. The age of the last man has definitely arrived in the UK.

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  2. Frizz yo do post some amazing things, I love the work by Ben Heine!


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