Playing in sailors’ pubs

When Alan Ingall adds his accordion to one of my guitar exercises (and Oorlab adds violin and percussion) then I’m always amused because I’m dreaming we would play in a sailor’s bar in a paradise harbor like Valparaiso, Cadiz – or where do YOUR dreams go to?

maybe compare other collabs:
1) with Paolo D’Emilio in an Italian harbor:

2) with Bianca Fachel in a Brazilian harbor:

3) with Sweet Lady D in a U.S. harbor:

5 responses to “Playing in sailors’ pubs

  1. You’ve just taken me half way round the world, and I’m hardly awake yet, Frizz. Lovely gentle way to start the day. Especially liked our drift into port in Brazil with Bianca.

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  2. Oh Frizz – thanks so much for this wonderful post – missed seeing you my friend – this made my day – peace out.🙂

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  3. Who’s singing Besame Mucho Frizz? Lovely tunes🙂

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