Strategies vs. Terrorism

The twitter action #BrusselsLockdown (here as an example a tweet by Jeroen Flamman) showed me a way out of fear. I explore with my cat disguise ideas: Fixing an explosives belt on her back made with New Year’s Eve firecrackers from last year, I feature an old white cloth napkin as stylish Desert robes, I’ve built from an Amazon box a Syrian stone tank, I’m looking together with my cat Emily grimly out the window with a broomstick as a gun at the ready and play IS-Sniper …

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9 responses to “Strategies vs. Terrorism

  1. You know, Frizz, that is rather clever. Now another thing they can do is stop calling individual attackers, Lone Wolves. It sounds too noble. Reduce them to Wing Nuts and that might slow the activity. No one wants to be known as a WIng Nut.

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  2. Like the terrorists care . . . Wonder how the victims’ families feel about this?

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  3. That’s very funny Frizz, but I’m not sure the cat would have agreed . . .

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  4. Poor cat…. The best strategy is not war and hate. But it’s not easy to find a “method” to use against there way to indoctrinate people. They hate the imams of the mosques, the gouvernment,….so noone is hearing their messages.

    I’ll write something on it after interviews, readings, ….

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