Ranking Quotes

Daily I’ll try to translate continuously aphorisms by Georg Christoph Lichtenberg 1742 – 1799. If there are mistakes in my translations: support is very appreciated: https://twitter.com/frizztext
I’m watching the stats of each quote, most read (actually 538) is:
“A major distinguishing sign of a great spirit is not to get carried away by local mentality.”

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2 responses to “Ranking Quotes

  1. Sometimes easier said than done . . . .

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    • “…not to get carried away by local mentality…” so I prefer to talk English, Patti, not my native language: all the ugly paroles in Dresden by Pegida (vs. migrants, vs. an open society) shall not enter my mind…; maybe you made a similar experience comparing London and New York, two different “cultural boxes”?


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