Listening in Liverpool

me and my guitar, introducing my latest lyrics inspired by Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 – 1799)
my lyrics:
Let them all come, these noises.
You just have to keep quiet:
The barking dogs in all sorts of distances.
The sound of the bells in the biggest church in town.
John Lennon’s IMAGINE from the open porch door
of the girl next door.
In the football stadium in the next block
the mass roars: Goal!
A very bright cries of a child gang riding bicycles.
The birds in the tree outside my window
have a sudden quarrel, a fight, a battle.
The frogs in my pond louder
than the train in the distance.
The cell phone under the sofa cushions rumbles,
rumbles under the pillows…
It’s time to take up the inner thread again.
And the ferries cross the Mersey.
I’m in Liverpool, I’m in Liverpool.

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writer, photographer, guitarist

7 responses to “Listening in Liverpool

  1. Nicely done Frizz.

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  2. I’ll try to translate more of Lichtenberg’s NOTEBOOKs – or get at least inspired to write about certain topics which he also had in his focus. So I’ll create some smooth jazz ballads – below a list of content related to the notebooks
    A B C D E F G H IJ K L:
    1 – noises (music above) = J 1004!
    2 – square after snowfall (music below) = J 528!
    3 – color black = F 325
    4 – furniture = C 192
    5 – pain = F 151
    6 – opinions
    7 – scratches
    [under construction]


  3. J 528 / Square After Snowfall:

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  4. the color black

    What an effect would it have on me if I had to sit in a very black-curtained large room? Where the ceiling would be shod with black cloth? Where you would sit on black foot rugs, on black chairs or a black sofa? Where you were served by black-clad people in the light of a few candles?

    Was für einen Effekt würde es auf mich haben, wenn ich einmal in einer ganz schwarz behangenen großen Stube sitzen müßte? Wo auch die Decke mit schwarzem Tuch beschlagen wäre? Wo man auf schwarzen Fuß-Teppichen, auf schwarzen Stühlen oder einem schwarzen Kanapee sitzen müsste? Wo man bedient würde von schwarz gekleideten Leuten im Lichte einiger weniger Wachskerzen?
    F 325!


  5. Oh yes, I can see that this is a font of inspiration…and I love what you did with Square After Snowfall…very cool 🙂

    I am looking for the same kind of inspiration (and it hasn’t hit yet) in Eduardo Galeano’s Mirrors…but there is a wealth there… 🙂


  6. I like it, your explorations, free expressions. Keep on trucking, my friend!


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