Writing a song about HATE

Trying to get a songwriter at last combining my passion for philosophy and playing guitar I made today this:

Hate robs terms, occupies streets.
Hate compels attention.
Hatred spreads as attitude, disguised as harmless.
Hatred defamed collectives, overlooking the individual.
Hate robs friends or contaminates your profession.
Hatred has robbed at the end your home.
Hostility tries to give himself cultivated.
Anger increases and overwhelms backwards itself.
Hatred is dangerous when he experienced himself as a majority
and when it is politically legalized.
Hate is masquerading as a concern, as politically responsible.
Hate says he has to clean.
Hatred knows no humor, no irony. Anger is pointless.
Hatred knows no consideration, no respect for children.

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

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