People Get Ready

There is a controversial debate in my country between humanity (= NGO activists) on the one hand and the legal system on the other hand (anonymous bureaucracy) how to support or stop refugees …

my daily guitar lesson, a tribute to Curtis Mayfield and his PEOPLE GET READY, chords for improvisation: Dsus4 Bm7 G D9 – there are many versions on YouTube: Eva Cassidy, Alicia Keys, Rod Stewart, Bob Marley, Aretha Franklin, Bruce Springsteen, Joss Stone etc. more at
or YouTube via

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3 responses to “People Get Ready

  1. Allan G. Smorra

    This tune is a good choice for the situation and your rendition is wonderful.

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  2. A complex situation our governments didn’t understand ( ) and in my country, there is a propaganda from far-right activists on the web, like that :
    I imagined a future of europe, a dark future :
    I hope there won’t be a war like that, even if germanophobia could grow in some country. And soon, I’ll talk about oriental music in and how it’s so close to our classical music

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  3. Wonderful melody, Frizz. My heart really goes out to these displaced people.

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