I still got the blues

I have to thank “telefan” Jim in Philadelphia, that he kindly added his lead guitar to my acoustic backing guitar, now I even dared to add some vocals = our tribute to the great Gary Moore R.I.P.

the photo, illustrating the song cover was shot by the author Erich Schaake near Bordeaux:

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writer, photographer, guitarist

7 responses to “I still got the blues

  1. Very nice Frizz. You sure have the Blues.

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  2. I planned to do a review of a Gary Moore album in Histozic.fr…but how to choose, even in Thin Lizzy. And if I still got the blues, it’s for all those people, those refugees (not only migrants) that some people would prefer not to see. I wrote a fiction on our future, about that….

    And while writing this comment, I’m listening to the last francis Cabrel, In Extremis…I’m sure you’ll like “In Extremis”, bluesy and country track of the album. I’ll try to translate the lyrics one day

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  3. Cool as always Frizz!

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  4. Frizz, that sounds terrific. The lyrics and song are strong and, if I remember, you were hesitant to sing not long ago. Keep it going my friend.

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