Syria Blues

Actually we have millions of refugees escaping from the war in Syria. Click on the photo to enter the galleries of the European Commission:
Massive influx of Syrian Kurdish refugees into Turkey
I thought it cannot be wrong to remember the old gospel GO DOWN MOSES. Too often people are forced to leave a country. At the moment we see so many sad situations, the pain of the refugees, it’s actually a big European catastrophe! Listen to my SoundCloud (collab with Jeff Burns):

my lyrics:
1 – In Syria the war doesn’t stop – let the people go – via Turkey & Greece to Germany – an endless trek is on his way.
CHORUS 1: Run further, refugees, via Serbia, Hungary & Austria: Munich or Berlin: should be your goal!
2 – Is there a country with respect for refugees? Germany could be. – Is there a region without religious fanaticism? Europe could be!
CHORUS 2: Run further, refugees, via Serbia, Hungary & Austria: Munich or Berlin: should be your goal!

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11 responses to “Syria Blues

  1. That’s exactly why i’m following your blog. And I’m Working on a post about german european politics… Not easy to understand what Merkel and Schäuble want. With your music it will be perfect 😉

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    • the politics of the CDU/CSU for the refugees isn’t optimal, the concepts of SPD, GRÜNE and LINKE are much better… – the big problem in Germany is actually the increasing racism of many people. The hesitating of police and law system and secret services works like a sublime support of far-right nationalism. Completely unacceptable are the fire attacks with Molotow cocktails versus refugee homes. “Kristallnacht”-Memories of the Nazi decade are coming into my focus. Horrible to be a German in those days. I’m ashamed!


    • P.S.:
      one of my contacts in France:


  2. Wonderful sound on that guitar and you let it ring.

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  3. A very good song, Frizz. The immigrant stories I see on the news, are really heartbreaking. I just can’t imagine how hopeless they must feel.

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  4. I’ve upgraded the music above by a collab with Jeff Burns:


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