Chris Okunbor Knocking On My Door

I like the art of Chris Okunbor, Australia, very much. Recently we made this collab on SoundCloud:

enjoy a YouTube video featuring Chris Okunbor:

8 responses to “Chris Okunbor Knocking On My Door

  1. I think this haiku is nice with your music :
    …. and this time, google translate is doing the job😉

    maybe one day, I’ll find you on bandcamp with you first album?

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  2. Oh this is just great, Frizz and Chris. A perfect collab. And it made smile all the way up from my toes🙂

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  3. This was fun to listen to Frizz while reading blogs🙂

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  4. google translates:
    cold caress
    wake me from a dream
    that takes me away


  5. i really enjoyed these, good to see you!

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  6. This is really fantastic and fun, Frizz. Thanks for the smiles today.🙂

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