Vantage Point

racism in the USA is still a problem. I’m glad that my deep respect for black music was introduced…

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5 responses to “Vantage Point

  1. eliz frank

    Hi Frizz,
    I saw your Twitter comment and stopped by to read what you mentioned. Thank God for protecting all the lives of those kids and for it not escalating any further than the ugly scene we saw unfold. We have a long way to go in this nation … Events like this, give us another opportunity to address the problems, correct them, and build bridges in communities.

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  2. This is fantastic Frizz. The level of racism in the US and the world is horrifying. I just don’t understand it. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. That whole incident was unbelievable, an absolute horror when the officer pulled his gun and that poor girl screaming. . . . I suppose that cop will use the fact that he handcuffed Grace Stone as some defense against the accusations of racism.

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