On the function of music

In my mother tongue, I have often written critical, philosophical essays on the sociological function of music. About Opera music, military music, church music, commercial pop music, the roots of the blues. I still remember with amusement, when during a philosopher congress in Hamburg my theses about military music provoked the outrage of the conservatives or the editor of a church magazine in Nuremberg lost his job, because he let me write a long essay about the manipulation by hymns.
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I have turned my back still shaken by the ostentatious expenditure, which was celebrated by music companies for mediocre stage shows. My heart melted always there when I came to the beginnings of black American music. Perhaps because the suffering, which is also part of a basic human experience, is not suppressed in the Blues.
P.S.: below: me on my metal Dobro guitar playing a cover of “Man of constant sorrows”

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3 responses to “On the function of music

  1. Interesting Thought about militarisation music…Not this type of music on Histozic.fr nor real blues but not far Sometimes…I hope to read more of you on your Theses even if it’s not easyJet in english

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  2. dear D., “militarisation music” – I wrote a lot against the military music, an important topic at least in Germany, because many of the “motivation songs” of the Nazi era are still sung in the “modern” Bundeswehr. Also some national hymns (France?) have some disturbing lines in their lyrics!


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