my daily guitar lesson: John Lennon made a political statement like Martin Luther King, they both were killed! Nothing has changed in the meantime. Does language has no power? The chord progression: C Cj7 Fj7 4x — F C Dm Dm G G 5.G7 — F G Cj7/E7 4x :// compare other lyrics, also written in the 80ies: lyrics by Terry Reeves R.I.P.: “Got no money for education / Got no money for job creation / Got no money for old age pensions / Got no money, no compensations / But we’ve got money to kill / Lots and lots and lots and lots of money… etc.”

5 responses to “IMAGINE

  1. John Lennon was such an icon of the last century. Arguably, his ” Imagine” is one of the best songs I have listened to . Loved this post!


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  2. Seems we are destined forever to imagine . . . .

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  3. One of my favourites. Thank you for sharing your wonderful version.

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