Delta Frits

some links to me via my web-card:

blue Dobro - on Explore

I like to play guitar with the old fashioned Mississippi Delta fingerstyle technique – and I’m happy when some SoundCloud members add their talent for a collab…

My last nylon string guitar with the warm sound was bought after a cold visit by some false friends. I bought my Gypsy guitar when musicians, surrounding me, seemed to suffocate me with their slowness, I bought a new banjo when I needed a flashback to the optimism of my youth. My metal Dobro was bought when my cat secretly was robbed by our neighbors: she heard my guitar ringing through the walls imprisoned in the neighbor house and after three weeks she managed to escape there howling like a wolf running to my guitar resting at my feet.

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writer, photographer, guitarist

2 responses to “Delta Frits

  1. Nice shot of you against the blue wall…glad the kitty escaped. Always love the music!

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  2. Your poor cat I’m so glad she escaped 🙂

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