About the wild side in us

I found a poem by Abbey Nightowl and tried to sing the lyrics with my e-guitar in my hands…

visit Abbey’s own SoundCloud at

P.S.: and who made me grab my e-guitar from the wall, fetching the old Marshall amp out off the basement? Jim “telefan” from Philadelphia:

the complete poem about the wild side in us:
” I Raced the Planes”
Saw a movie bout
My wild side today
Had forgotten the feelings of anger
It stirs up in that way
Bout the feelings deep inside
Those still reach up to fly
In the face of all I know,
I can’t imagine why!
I ran as fast as I could go
when I left home that day
And then I ran back to the nest
when threatened in that way
My life was scuttling here and back
to there and here again
Still searching for my spot in life
that I was given to win.
I raced the planes from air to ground
to see if I’d explode
When they touched down, and
I flew on in my destructive mode.
I’ve raised my kids with strength and grit
And steel & guts, and blood
Alone became the norm, don’t forget
Always keep ahead of the flood
Now someone loves me, no demands
Just me, just like I am
I don’t know how to handle it
Because I’ve felt so damned.
I’ve lived rebellion, independent,
Wild beyond his dream
But yet he’s there and says he’ll stay
With me, the snow/black dove
9 = 5
I raced the planes from air to ground
to see if I’d explode
When they touched down, and
I flew on in my destructive mode.

(c) g.abbey, reprinted, from 1995
(btw,.. he lied!)

let me (frizztext) add two comments:
last March a pilot from #Germanwings made suicide killing 150 persons crashing his plane into the ground:

Abbey used a metaphor writing (verse 5)
I raced the planes from air to ground
to see if I’d explode
When they touched down
maybe someone knows my biography: directly after birth I was given into an orphanage (1945). It took me 40 years to find my mother. Then she didn’t give permission to make our story public. She wanted me to hide my name. She robbed my identity a second time! So I wrote: “they threw me out of their helicopter a second time”. They went to a lawyer and said, that they never threw me out of a helicopter. I had the cost of 4,000 $$ to explain to the §§’s the structure of a metaphor.

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4 responses to “About the wild side in us

  1. I can’t believe how much there is to listen to on soundcloud

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  2. A lovely slow funk to searching for your spot in this life . . .

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    • my wish is that more of us explore her wonderful poems! Often I don’t want to sing a song because I can’t identify with the trivial song messages. But the poetry written by Abbey/Lynne Nightowl is modern, not Kitsch, it’s literature! May our music help to make some people read her poems!


  3. I was a foster child who was sent to a horrible alcoholic ridden place. I got to know my grandparents .. I suppose that is good?

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