My Father In My Head

David Mor created a landmark in my head with this Jerusalem photo “Wrestling With Gravity”: for me a symbol = meaning my father who was a baker all his life like a Sisyphus! Do you have one pic (or one special anecdote) introducing YOUR father?
Wrestling With Gravity
compare the photo of Leif Gunnar Boman:
My Father & His Passion
Leif comments himself: “I’ve grown up all my life to see my dad working at this work bench. This is where my dad is in his element.”
and maybe my children and grandchildren will remember me as a guitar player:

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8 responses to “My Father In My Head

  1. I’m sure you will be well remembered for many things!

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  2. Yes…a photo comes to mind of my Dad!…to be so remembered is such a good thing…

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  3. Hi Frizz,
    I have a picture of my father playing the organ. It is on my web site in the video Tribute to Clarence.

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  4. Tu es un homme riche d’amour et de souvenirs, je t’envie, soit béni comme le bon pain que faisait ton Papa …!!!

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    • google translated: “You’re a rich man of love and memories, I envy you, be blessed – like good bread was your Daddy … !!!”
      so I can answer:
      in reality my father brought me to an orphanage shortly after my birth 1945 – and it took me forty years to explore who he was and where he was hidden. But then, indeed, he started to deliver bread each morning for breakfast for my little family…

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  5. I’m ready to have one of those bagellas that guy is pushing! (Well, after passover passes over) Ever hear the Incredible String Band? They did an improvisation or take-off on this song – which you do splendidly too.

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