#Germanwings Resume Suicide

#Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz chose for his suicide show the location where he made holidays with his parents seven times – a revenge act vs. his parents who urged him there to become a pilot? He crashed the Airbus A320 down killing 149 innocent persons exactly in the same region where he learned as a teenager to fly with gliders under the controlling eyes of his parents.

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5 responses to “#Germanwings Resume Suicide

  1. Lots of assumptions now days…

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  2. It is so sad for someone to just think of his anger and act on his revenge to not think of those innocent lives lost but all the relations changed by this tragedy.

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  3. Consider the insanity that man must have been dealing with to commit such a horrible act.

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  4. 😦 This is so terribly sad! Yet deep down inside I still don’t want to believe this has happened deliberately. I still hope the second black box will be found very soon and that it will give us more detailed information on how the tragedy happened.
    A very HAPPY week to you and yours! 🙂

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  5. Supposedly we now have a psychological explanation for an act that defies explanation and understanding. The horrors of our lives, of life, never leave us.

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