Raif Badawi – Saudi Arabia – Free Speech

Raif Badawi is still due to be publicly flogged 50 times every week after Friday prayers until he has been lashed 1,000 times – simply for blogging about free speech.
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The philosophical term ethnocentrism helps to develop a global ethic, but also to understand the limited horizon of a national legal system.
I’m watching absurd decisions in the law systems of Saudi Arabia, India, Russia, Turkey, Germany etc. – do you have to add some examples?

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9 responses to “Raif Badawi – Saudi Arabia – Free Speech

  1. Ethnocentrism, a sociological concept: my clan, my tribe, my nation is the center. Democracy, almost by definition, reduces the grip of ethnocentric thinking – which can be innocent enough, but derails into rascism and hatred of “the other” as we so often see.

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    • thank you, Steven/Bumba, for your “Democracy reduces the grip of ethnocentric thinking – which … derails (slips / degenerates) into racism and hatred of the other”. You moved from the Bronx to Jerusalem, from Jerusalem to L.A. – you’ve seen many different points of views. Mostly those readers can follow me easily, who lived in different spheres of influence, so one studied in the USA but came back to India (Rita Banerji) or my French friend, who has roots in Vietnam etc. (myself was torn between East- and West-Germany, Poland and USA).

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  2. I was writing for a webzine an article on weapons, freespeech and “revolutions”….Maybe I will put it this week on line on icezine.wordpress.com too… But for us, in France, free speech is sometimes for bad things, as you can see in
    And I as saw protests in Germany during this week end, I’m thinking that things are not very different in our two countries.

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    • you are right with “Marion Marshal Le Pen continues to kill political debate in France…” – sometimes free speech makes problems. In my hometown, Wuppertal, last weekend three groups clashed together: right-wing anti-immigration PEGIDA vs. pro-immigration “autonomous” anarcho-scene vs. Islamist & Salafists (Sharia Guards, gathering near the Jewish synagogue) – not an easy day for thousands of policemen to calm down the aggressions…


  3. Besides these blatant acts of racism there are so many subtle instances that many of us do not even notice. It is a very deep and pervasive problem. Good for you for talking about it.

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