If you see my savior

I tried to make a little tribute to the gospel of Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey, 1929. I left a space after each verse, so you can add your own vocals or instruments!


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3 responses to “If you see my savior

  1. I will not sing about your savior but in my last article, there’s a common point between this song and my text https://icezine.wordpress.com/2015/03/08/le-blogging-du-dimanche-ethnocentrisme-bien-et-mal/
    I hope the translator will work….it’s about our way to think about us and our own society and not to think about our “neighbour”, other humans and animals. The “savior” gave some answers but some were transformed by (white) humans (see the controversy of Valladolid) to keep their power. I’m interested in your own answers 😉

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    • dear D. / iceman:
      the concept of Immanuel KANT and his decade of enlightenment was to find a center of thinking above ethnocentrism. There must be a point in every human being, call it moral, which has a better empathy than the surrounding society or even century. If we listen to our inner voice, connected to this moral of empathy, then we’ll notice: there cannot be an inferior human race or an animal. Schopenhauer for sure would add dogs and cats, fishes and birds and all the other souls, which share a short time with us on this globe. The goal of a good education is to make such an empathy strong – even against nations or religions if it is necessary.
      your D. / philosopher

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