Introducing a gospel queen

music: NayJ. (vocals) – Luzz (piano) – Frizz (guitar) – a threesome tribute to John D. Loudermilk: TURN ME ON
photo (not the singer NayJ) by Ruth E – her photo of a gospel service (featuring a style of life) inspired me to search consequently for a collaboration with a colored female gospel singer to join my guitar playing

US singer NayJ. during a gospel service in her neighbourhood church:

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

6 responses to “Introducing a gospel queen

  1. Great trio, Frizz, and great vocals from NayJ

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  2. Love your music on my lazy Saturdays!

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  3. Yes splendid, well done all three of you!

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  4. Very nice. You’ve heard the comment? about Ray Charles, how he did the forbidden: to mix gospel with the blues. It certainly is a great combination, which we now are accustomed to. And which you are pursuing admirably.

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