Tension between audience and art

After the latest attack by Islamists’ terrorism yesterday in Copenhagen I thought it would be better to discuss the tension between art and audience in a museum – and not with machine guns.

related: Muslim attack vs. discussion about “Art, Blasphemy and Free Expression”

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One response to “Tension between audience and art

  1. I didn’t want to speak again on that problem…. I chose another one, but so important : https://icezine.wordpress.com/2015/02/15/le-blogging-du-dimanche-je-vegete-ils-meurent/

    And of course, I’m bringing new musics on http://www.histozic.fr not to hear the sound of guns anymore. And sometimes I read ferocious dialogues about music, like wars. That’s not my way to speak about music and that’s why there’s no marks on my site


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