Twitter Discussion About The Principle Of Killing

I had a discussion on twitter about an anthropological constant with the feminist author Rita Banerji from India about war and killing …
Rita Banerji:
This photo of Kobane reminded me of pictures Berlin, Dresden, after WWII. Maybe this is the dark before the light?
my reply as frizztext:
Dresden, more Hiroshima, had their disaster – a revenge for hate and ignorance; are there better tools to stop idiocy?
reply by Rita:
When old stories repeat in new forms, it probably means the human race hasn’t learnt its lessons. Or can’t? Or maybe won’t?
The principle of killing does not seem to be braked. Words and arguments appear ineffective…
reply by iceman755 from France:
and when the principle of killing is making money for a few people, words have no more meaning
Rita Banerji:
I agree, that the underlying reason for these is almost always the goal to consolidate wealth & power.
Rita, we know via the example India, the reason is a “joy to eliminate”. There is an invisible war “male vs. women”
(not a genocide but a “femicide”)

Rita Banerji


iceman755 from France:

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3 responses to “Twitter Discussion About The Principle Of Killing

  1. 'On This Day' Jan 27, 2015
    … and Auschwitz was an endless horror, killing people like doing a job in a factory…


  2. The revenge of the generations, it seems to be both terminal and never-ending.

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