JANUARY Calendar

January 2015 Calendar

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writer, photographer, guitarist

13 responses to “JANUARY Calendar

  1. Happy New Year dear Frizz, I loved this… Thanks and Love, nia

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  2. Happy New Year Frizz. Keep up that music and drawing.

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  3. Beautiful calendar, Frizz! Happy Full Moon! 🙂

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  4. Nice Frizz. I look forward to seei g the drawings for the other months.

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  5. Allan G. Smorra

    I love the old yellow Citroen, Frizz.

    Happy New Year,

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  6. Happy New Year, Frizz! I was kind of sad by knowing that you were not going to be as much as previous years at wordpress, so it’s great to see your post.
    Kind greetings,

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  7. Cute! We haven’t seen a Citroen here in years. I love the “goddess!” … and you draw too. Multi-talented, Frizz.

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  8. Always loved these cars Frizztext but I haven’t seen one for years! Happy 2015!


  9. Happy New Year! Enjoying your paintings!


  10. love the calendar idea with your drawings…I made my little family calendars with their photos this year…They loved them!…and with my cousin giving me drawing pencils…and your inspiration…I might sketch a bit myself…Happy New Year!


  11. You’ve given me an idea for next year’s calendar. Thanks!


  12. Have not laid eyes on a Citroen in a while.


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