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Hendrik van Leeuwen starts his flickr galleries with a PICASSO quotation: “The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away. The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Hendrik van Leeuwen supported with his photo the PhotoFunia online software and inspired me to try some versions, click on his photo below (1) to enter his flickr galleries!
Larger than life+house on knees
Silence+season's greetings!
Christmas time is family time+PhotoFunia-3c2c9bb
Inspired by Gustav Klimt+Amish Chariot
watch the ranking of my PhotoFunia museum-series:

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4 responses to “About Gifts

  1. These photos are fun. And I like the Picasso quote as well.

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  2. about the gift we call MUSIC:


  3. vastlycurious.com

    Really enjoying these Frizz! I lost the connection between Flickr and Word Press and can’t seem to get it back!


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