For a while I’ve uploaded daily a guitar meditation but now silence came into my house and I’m drawing daily.
“Prior” wrote at…
“Your sketches are enjoyable- I am a former art teacher and so I like a few things – and what jumped out me right away – the social fun – the playing basketball wedding couple, the stretch limo, and just angels of life here and there – and then your loose drawing style- it is informal and not overdone and has a feel all your own. I am glad I stumbled on your art work last week.”
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the ranking of my sketchbook drawings


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4 responses to “Silence

  1. silence is oftentimes the best music; it’s quite late here, and the birds are squawking a bit outside, but it’s blissfully silent. at this late hour, the images load – yippee! alas, it’s time for sleep. happy holidays, new moon and solstice! z

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  2. Silence is just what I need, today…. What a pity for someone who is speaking about music :

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  3. As much art as I do I look forward to doing more. You inspire me to open my sketch books and just draw.


  4. Frizz: I don’t see silence in your sketchbook, on the contrary, I feel you are making music for my eyes, and I’m really enjoying your drawings, they are lovekly, and full of life (musical life).
    Kind greetings,


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