Meditation On Six Strings

I like to play banjo, guitar, bass, Dobro etc. visit my soundcloud at

my soundcloud chronology:

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

7 responses to “Meditation On Six Strings

  1. That’s a very big gift you have given us, Frizz. Your portrait, too, is wonderful, though with a reflective (slightly melancholy?) air. Actually it makes me think of Vincent Van Gogh, so hang on to your ears! By the way, my ‘X’ post is working now. For some reason when I pressed publish it went into draft. WordPress is doing a lot of silly mucking about at the moment – altering everything.


  2. Allan G. Smorra

    I agree with Tish about your sketch, it is very Van Gogh—while your music is more Van Morrison. Thanks for the playlist, and #75 in particular.

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  3. Frizz’s greatest hits, and a fabulous album cover!


  4. Just a few more for 100!

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    • hi Gilly, I had 700, then shortened down to 200, now 80, I have to go down to 60 tracks, difficult, but I have no more money for a pro-account (99 $), a free account only allows about 60 tracks…


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