In my nightmares often this situation appeared, of course I was the cat…
inspired by Santi / fotourbana (Barcelona):
Como el perro y el gato

compare the ranking of my sketchbook pages:

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6 responses to “Nightmares

  1. Oh dear I hope someone rescued the cat in the photo!

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    • they told me, this was a play they often played. Once we had a tall dog (English sheep dog / Bobtail), one night he hunted a cat for 30 minutes through the dark streets. Maybe it was a play too.


  2. My goodness Frizz!!!! I did enjoy the elephants on Mahu’s blog tooooo!

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  3. Peter N commented my drawing at…

    I’m not sure what was intended by posting this piece of artwork, but lest anyone think the dog is harming the cat…

    My sister had a standard poodle and a fine orange kitty, who were best pals, and who would engage in this behavior all the time. The dog loved to wash the cat’s ears and head. Often the dog would take the cat’s head entirely in its mouth, holding it very gently, the better to wash it, by sliding its tongue in and out. That was the cleanest cat I’ve ever known.


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