Tuesday’s A to Z challenge: “T”

Event Type: General Blogging

Start Date: Tuesdays, recurring weekly

Description: Every Tuesday I offer the “A to Z challenge”, walking step by step through the alphabet.
Since 2011, I’m walking with my readers every Tuesday from A to Z, last week we had “S”, so this week let’s put the focus on “T” – I’m sure you’ll also find a story, photo or a music title tagged with “T”: Feel free to add in the comments below the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “T”!!! Myself I’ll focus on “transport”:


Nothing Ain't Too Bulky Nor Too Heavy
title=”Nothing Ain't Too Bulky Nor Too Heavy” – photo by CokaCola, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on flickr!

related: my T-photo-gallery on flickr:

At last it's functional

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

20 responses to “T-Words

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  2. Hear’s my ‘T’, Frizz – Treats and Treasures at Entertaining Elephants – a little trip round my sisters lovely shop in the Shropshire Hills: http://wp.me/pKVAM-12y

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  3. Great photo choice. I’ve never seen such a huge load carried that way! Here is my T: http://travelwithintent.com/2014/11/18/t-is-for-tony-the-tiger/

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  5. Hi there I love this challenge so I hope you don’t mind if I join you … My T goes to Tea…
    All the best to you, Aquileana 😀


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  8. Well, the letter T really got me Thinking . . . and led to my True Tale of The Traveling T, from Texas To The Tetons. Thanks for the inspiration! Ideas come in many crazy ways.



  9. Here’s my very delicious ‘T’: https://anotherday2paradise.wordpress.com/2014/11/21/t-is-for-tiramisu/
    That’s a great pic of you with the tiger. 🙂


  10. I love this shot! Wow.


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