Help me to find rhymes!

Help me to find rhymes for my sketchbook!



(Because I’m German, it’s not easy for me to find rhymes:

can you help me?)


for my personal sketchbook for my grandchildren – read my wordpress blog at – the kids are too young to read but they have the rhymes in their heads – the drawings are the landmark for remembering the words…

I was inspired by Tracy Munson, click on the picture to enter her galleries:

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20 responses to “Help me to find rhymes!

  1. and you can try it in french :p

    Ce beau bison
    est un vieux garçon
    qui aime se promener
    dans les champs de blé

    … écoutant la musique
    d’un ami germanique

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  2. Ich weiss, was Du meinst! Für Deine A-Z Challenge ist garnicht so einfach immer ein entsprechendes Wort in Englisch zu finden!

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  3. downeast101

    Guten Tag, I have been reading your posts and admiring your art and photos. If I do not respond, that does not mean I am not looking and admiring. Though I am retired, I am busier than I have ever been. I was stationed in German in 1975/76. I was at Fliegerhorst Kaserne and so many great memories of Germany. I drove a Volkswagen and travelled all over Germany, North to South, East to West. I also visited France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Take Care my talented friend, Nelson


  4. Laura Bloomsbury

    you are always up to something interesting Fritz. The rhymezone can help out here as they are also bison!

    Mellowship Slinky In B Major” by Red Hot Chili Peppers:

    Born to adore the big bad bison
    Thunderstorms and a man like Tyson

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  5. Most of the time settled and mellow
    But for when it wants to bellow!


    • thanks Patti, that’s new for me:
      bellow = emit a deep loud roar, typically in pain or anger: “he bellowed in agony”
      + a deep roaring shout or sound: “a bellow of rage”
      Synonym: roar, shout, bawl, bark, yell, yelp, shriek, howl, scream


  6. There was a young panda from China
    Who’s fur coat was oh so much finer
    Than her sisters to sailed on a liner
    across the ocean to South Carolina!

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  7. On open plains, the mighty buffalo did roam
    but years of hunting and slaughter felled the great beast
    After struggles and battles to save their home
    Bison once again on yellow grasses do feast

    by Carol Cormier

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  8. actually I’m trying to find a poem and a drawing for:
    acrobats autocrats automats bureaucrats caveats copycats democrats diplomats habitats hemostats laundromats photostats pitapats plutocrats pussycats reformats rheostats technocrats thermostats


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