Boomerang Disputes

“In disputes you’ll try to look like long. In flight is circling a boome-wrong.” (I tried to translate the perfect German rhyme LANG / BUMERANG to the not perfect English rhyme LONG / Boome-WRONG = I have to apologize…)
my personal sketchbook for my grandchildren – read my wordpress blog at – the kids are too young to read but they have the rhymes in their heads – my drawings are the landmark for remembering the words…
German version: “Im Streite macht man sich gern lang. Im Fluge kreist der Bumerang.”
I was inspired by a flickr photo uploaded by “tobfl”, click on the picture to enter the photographer’s own galleries:
It's just the two of us!

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writer, photographer, guitarist

One response to “Boomerang Disputes

  1. Enjoyed your interpretation of the photo.


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