Garbage Instruments

I’m impressed by “The Orchestra of Recycled Instruments” established by Favio Chávez. “The world sends us garbage, we send back music” is his statement. He inspires in Asuncion, Paraguay, youthful musicians to play exclusively on garbage instruments: Double basses and cellos from oil drums, violins or a guitar from cans.

The Orchestra of Recycled Instruments

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8 responses to “Garbage Instruments

  1. Making beauty from a screwed up world, Frizz. The quote that struck me was that the instruments cannot be stolen because they only have value when the kids are playing them. I second that, but how sad.

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  2. amazing and yes I am impressed too. Thank you dear Frizz, love, nia

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  3. A very inspiring video Frizz! Thank you for sharing.


  4. I saw a documentary about this, such a marvellous achievement and idea, really thought provoking.


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