The Lemur

This Lemur was still in a trance,
hypnotized by the very last dance.
from my personal sketchbook for my grandchildren

listen to my guitar:

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

5 responses to “The Lemur

  1. Love your entranced by dancing lemur, Frizz.

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    • I was “entranced” (Google cannot translate this, there is no word for this in German, because Germans believe, they never could get entranced) by my former blog post

      there you’ll find
      Funny lemur

      photo by “Tambako The Jaguar” – title “Funny lemur” – his comment: “I like how this ringtail lemur is looking, especially his kinda evil look and his long and fluffy tail is going all around his body. Taken in the Knie Kinderzoo, Rapperswil, Switzerland.” Made it in Explore, #485, June 3rd 2007. – click on the photo to enter Tambako’s gallery on

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  2. I’d like to see a lemur dance!

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