What’s Mellow?

During a survey, which of my guitars would have the most interesting sound, I got several interesting answers. “Lucid Gypsy” (let me call her “Mellow Gilly”) for example answered: “It’s hard to choose but the one with the light wood and f holes because its so mellow.”

English is a foreign language for me, so sometimes I have to analyse a word more than others –
make or become mellow = “getting older does mellow the hard edges around the anger”
(especially of sound, taste, and color) = pleasantly smooth or soft; free from harshness. “she was hypnotized by the mellow tone of his voice”
dulcet, sweet-sounding, tuneful, melodious, mellifluous, soft, smooth, warm, full, rich
(of a person’s character) = softened or matured by age or experience. “a more mellow personality”
genial, affable, amiable, good-humored, good-natured, amicable, pleasant, relaxed, easygoing, low-maintenance, placid, jovial, jolly, cheerful, happy, merry

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4 responses to “What’s Mellow?

  1. i like this one too. i think this is more mellow…kinda sleepy, in a nice relaxing way would be how i describe how i feel when i heard it compare to the other one.


  2. As my students would say, “I feel you.”
    Nice to wake up to your soundcloud offering this morning, Frizz. Going to be a lovely day.


  3. Seeing your post with my name at the top of my reader made me laugh out loud 🙂 🙂 🙂 , vielen dank. I am very happy to have taught you a new word and hope that you found it appropriate?
    Maybe you could teach me a German word?

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    • yes Gilly = Lucid Gypsy – I had problems to translate Lucid:

      translations for “lucid”
      1 – klar = clear, plain, transparent, understood, crisp, lucid
      2 – durchsichtig = transparent, clear, limpid, lucid, see-through
      3 – luzid = lucid, translucent
      4 – hell = bright, light, pale, clear, fair, lucid
      5 – einleuchtend = plausible, reasonable, lucid, valid, perspicuous, satisfactory
      6 – anschaulich = graphic, clear, vivid, descriptive, concrete, lucid
      7 – transparent = transparent, clear, diaphanous, lucid
      8 – präzise = precise, exact, concise
      9 – scharfsinnig = perceptive, percipient, astute, penetrating, penetrative, lucid
      which meaning 1-9 is YOUR message?


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