Ukraine and Russian soldiers

I got a mail from Ukraine describing social care for Russian soldiers: “…The soldiers who were wounded or even simply who took part in the military actions and their families and the families those who were killed must have a strong financial help from the State including getting flats for free, many social donations etc. according to the Laws. But they get NOTHING. Moreover, Putin writes in their documents that they died from insults or infarcts, they NEVER TOOK PART in the war etc. He brought to the eastern Ukraine mobile crematories – his known humanitarian convoy is nothing other than new soldiers, weapons and mobile crematories to burn killed Russian soldiers and then to say to their mothers that they were missing. Just not to pay…” etc. [They are unknown because they have the tactic not to own any documents in their pockets…]
Kiev grandeur
photo (not the report about Russian soldiers) by Vladimir Dimitroff, title=”Kiev grandeur”, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!
P.S. (by frizztext):
Every country has its monuments built in the spirit of grandiosity. I wrote many essays about FRANZ KAFKA: He very early anticipated the modern conditions: inhuman administrations, the individuals left alone with not much support if they are ill or wounded; modern soldiers often are in a double sided war: against the enemies with weapons – and on the other hand vs. the cynicism of the own administration – in the end the governments won’t be responsible for what they inspired their uneducated simple soldiers: not much difference between Russia or ISIS, even in the USA traumatized veterans (PTSD = post traumatic stress disorder) have not enough health care (not to mention Hitler who sent his own country to hell as well as millions of innocent other human beings).
Harmony Centre. Tbilisi
title=”Harmony Centre. Tbilisi” – photo by Krzysztof Wierzbicki, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! Click on the picture to enter his galleries and read more about the old people in Tbilisi in Georgia.

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18 responses to “Ukraine and Russian soldiers

  1. That’s wonderful! Is it not observed that Russia soilders were disgust as rebels!

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  2. narhvalur

    Million thanks for this article. Going to reblog it. It’s sad that Putin is back again in the Cold war.

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    • I wrote many essays about KAFKA – he very early anticipated the modern conditions: inhuman administrations, the individuals left alone with not much support if they are ill or wounded; modern soldiers often are in a double sided war: against the enemies with weapons – and on the other hand vs. the cynicism of the own administration – in the end the governments won’t be responsible for what they inspired their uneducated simple soldiers: not much difference between Russia or ISIS, even in the USA traumatized veterans (PTSD = post traumatic stress disorder) have not enough health care (not to mention Hitler who sent his own country to hell as well as millions of innocent other human beings).


  3. narhvalur

    Germany has its own hero btw in the officer that tried to blow up Hitler. Postwar Germany has more than ever paid back what some lunatics did. There are idiots in every country.

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    • when I was in military (40 years ago) I had to march behind some canons which were equipped with nuclear projectiles. They could reach a distance of 25 kilometers. The plan was to offer us simple soldiers, we had to block the enemies (Russia) for a while, then our own country (Germany) would suffer under nuclear fall out [accepted NATO strategy]; the administration had bunkers behind the river Rhine…


  4. narhvalur

    WoW! You should write a book….

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    • I like your engagement for animals, Ann, but I can’t forget that very often humans are also treated not only with arrogance but even with continuous, permanent cruelty; of course human beings often manage to escape, animals mostly have not many chances to rescue themselves – like once the native Indians in America, not equipped with effective arms; sometimes it seems, that only the level of weapons decides the Darwin ranking; actually ISIS / ISIL is better equipped than the Kurds in Kobani:


      • narhvalur

        Perhaps it doesn’t show much in my writings but I have a very strong passion for sick people, especially those with a mental handicap, but it’s easier with animals. They show their affection if you love them.


        • narhvalur

          Almost all in my family have been doctors. My father, who is dead and brother are doctors. My father didn’t recall that during Estonian Independence Days there were any troubles at all with different ethnic Groups. It all came with the war.


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  6. Thanks for using my old little photo for this piece. I hope readers don’t take it as illustration (or, God forbid) endorsement of that ridiculously vile mail you are quoting.

    That mail is full of malicious lies, and NOTE (!) I am not defending Putin or taking any side. I just prefer to trust reason and logic, rather than blindly trust propaganda. Because it is propaganda, as bad as the one that comes out of official Russian media. Unlike Putin’s TV stations, this uses the most modern (and powerful) distribution channels: social and viral. Word-of-mouth sounds more credible than a known villain’s spokesman – and travels further.

    Why I don’t believe this $#!+ they wrote? Because:

    – they vastly overestimate the Ukrainian army and underestimate Russia’s. If Putin was sending regular forces into Ukraine, they wouldn’t be still fighting near the border – they would have taken the entire country in days. Such is the difference between their size and fighting power. Very obviously those aren’t regular forces, but local paramilitaries (no question – supported form Russia with weapons, logistics, and perhaps some ‘instructors’ and ‘advisers’). But calling them ‘Russian soldiers’ is a non-truth (where I come from we call it a LIE), deliberately intended to make the ignorant world believe there is real war involving the real Russian army.

    – the things written there are not supported by any other source. I regularly follow the news – and our (Western) media have many sources. In addition to journalists on the ground, there are various international observers. NATO has is own powerful multi-channel intelligence (from satellite to spies in the field) and regularly publish their observations. They, for example, give exact numbers of Russian troops concentrated NEAR the border, including vehicles and heavy weapons, their movements and locations. on NO occasion they have observed any troops inside Ukraine. No other source has mentioned ‘crematories’, either (although it is possible and pragmatically logical that both sides, any modern army, could be using incineration of dead bodies as a sanitary-safe and logistically efficient method; I don’t know details of such practices, just find it logical). But there have been NO mentions of in-the-field cremation by ANY other source.

    – as much as this text irritated me, I couldn’t help a smile or two. Upon the phrase “Putin writes in their documents they died from heart attack…” I visualised the bald-headed ex-spy sitting in Kremlin, busy filling with his Montblanc pen a huge pile of death certificates… By the way, such a diagnosis could result in some very interesting statistics about the rate of (lethal) cardiovascular cases among a rather young demographic, typically not suffering such conditions?..

    – a number of inconsistencies in the quoted text: if those ‘Russian soldiers’ were incinerated, how does the author know they carried no documents in their pockets? Did s/he get access to their ashes? (And the ashes wouldn’t show the absence or presence of documents in pockets). If they had no documents, how exactly doe the author know they were Russian? (Not ethnic-Russian Ukrainians, but ‘Russian soldiers’)? What evidence supports such claim? Or just because “we all know Putin sends troops there” – and everyone has to believe that with no proof?

    – not least, I don’t trust the source because it comes out of Ukraine. About the social care of Russian soldiers I would trust a lot more… Russian soldiers. Or their families, if they are dead. But not someone from a foreign country far away, who is very ‘concerned’ about Russian soldiers.

    I am really surprised how mature and intelligent people can blindly believe such ‘reliable’ sources?!! They could just as well believe Putin’s propaganda – it’s just as reliable and ‘true’. Why don’t you try to think with your own head?
    – – – – – – – – –

    My comment became rather long sorry. Just a few ore quick thoughts on the whole Ukraine situation:

    – As much as Russia has been wrong in many of its actions, one must remember that it was always REACTING, in every step of the escalating conflict it was NOT THE FIRST side to strike, and was always PROVOKED by someone else:

    – Encouraging (and assisting) separatists in the east of the country, as well as the earlier annexation of Crimea were responses to an illegal and forceful replacement of a legitimately elected government. Pro-Russian, indeed (=BAD) but that government was elected with an official majority and RECOGNISED by the whole world, including the USA and EU. The people who entered parliament after that government were NOT elected (but, strangely, recognised by certain countries).

    – To go a little further back in time, Russia was encouraging that government to keep Ukraine out of the EU (the reason for public discontent) because EU membership comes packaged with NATO membership – and NATO is doing everything to get close (including with strategic weapons of mass destruction) to Russian borders. Post-communist Russia never tried to get close (with weapons) to EU countries (let alone US). Who re-started the Cold War? By declaring openly Russia (back when it wasn’t fighting anyone) as Enemy No.1 and aggressively surrounding it with missile bases – who was first?

    I want to make it clear I am not defending Russia or taking sides. Many of those (reactive) steps by Russia were nasty. When you PROVOKE a dangerous beast it only gets more dangerous. Who chose to play with fire and why?

    It doesn’t help when everyone keeps talking of Putin – as if he alone is responsible for all world problems. it’s nice to have a big villain, personified evil to point fingers at, like Hitler and Stalin, and many others before them. But thinking people know very well that behind such ‘faces’ there are powerful forces – sometimes ideological, but even behind that, always economic. Big Business pulls the strings of politicians everywhere, drafts military doctrines, starts wars and kills people (including their own). You wrote about Administrations not caring of veterans – Big Business appoints administrations. It funds presidential candidates and manipulates elections.If it was only poor little Mr Putin – just removing a single leader would solve all world problems and we would live happily ever after… Things aren’t so simple, I’m afraid. Stop speaking as if one figure is responsible for everything we don’t like and name the real culprits with their real names. If you can.

    A final appeal: don’t agree with me, don’t believe me, discard everything I said. But, please, THINK before you believe any source and before you echo the content to further audiences.

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    • dear Vladimir, of course I’m delighted with your detailed reply. I know that you are active worldwide and thus you have extensive international experience and Assessment capability. In fact, the credibility of sources is always the central problem. Counter-arguments are always a help for developing sober thinking. We must never forget that every understanding horizon is threatened by a certain sociologically or politically definable narrowing. I share your view that NATO and Kiev provoked Russia since a long time. In what way Russian nationalists deal on the one hand or fascism related paramilitaries from Kiev doing their own things on the other hand with the twisting of truth, can not assessed from a distance very well. “The first casualty of war is always the truth”: an old, still valid aphorism. Enigmatic in the maze of hiding of truth thus still: Who has shot the passenger plane from Amsterdam out of the sky? Why were the investigators disabled? Always belongs to the escalation of fighting: the escalation of stupidity.


      • On the Malaysian passenger plane:

        There is very little (near-zero) doubt that it was shot by tragic mistake by separatists in possession of a modern anti-aircraft weapon but insufficient skill to distinguish targets. In the initial days after the sad incident, investigators were not disabled – just delayed; by a combination of (a)separatists panicking and not knowing what to do, it took them some time to realise they can’t hide it or fake alternative cause of the crash, and (b) Kiev forces refusing to cease fire (and potentially – territory) for a while, thus making it unsafe for investigators to visit the site because of ongoing shooting.

        The real question should perhaps be: Who SENT that plane there? When it is a known WAR ZONE that includes AIR warfare (military aircraft operating in the area, anti-aircraft fire from various weapons and sides). When many other airlines had changed routes to avoid the warzone. When even this flight was considering an alternative route just hours earlier. Who GUIDED that plane into the area, as terrible as it may sound (sorry if I appear a conspiracy freak – I am not!), to test the separatists’ (and Russia’s) capabilities and create an opportunity for international scandal and painting one side as monsters who target and kill civilians for no reason?…

        THIS side of things will never be investigated, let alone – proven. But a question mark remains, for thinking people, at least. Meanwhile propaganda-blinded millions will remain convinced that Putin (the biggest and only evil man on earth) ordered that airplane to be shot down. No doubt whatsoever! 😦

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        • I know (DER SPIEGEL is my main source) that the pilots changed the plane’s route to save some gasoline via a shorter route; Kiev liked to declare: there’s a war zone (after the disaster); Russia ordered back the rocket vehicle (they wanted to shoot down Kiev’s military transporters from the sky); the separatists were not connected (as it is usual) with radar based information systems – and so on: there is always a network of different failures minutes before – no conspiracy theory is needed; the world is divided in a paradise for civilians and a hell for basically by testosterone driven male persons…


  7. Goodness what a can of worms!

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    • sorry for the can of worms and words, Gilly, I’ll return soon to my guitar music again. P.S.: I’m amused that both comment writers above (mail sender from Ukraine as well as Vladimir who has arguments for the Russian position): are very good guitarists! Maybe music has the power to make us calm and peaceful again … – today I’ll upload my version of father and son by Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam

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