Tribute To The BEATLES

I was amused to find this BEATLES group portrait on – later they changed their image up to another level several times! At least the country-BEATLES-photo session inspired me to try to find the melody of a BEATLES song on my guitar (below)…
title=”Before” – uploaded by Shutter_Inc., kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! Click on the picture to enter the galleries of Shutter_Inc. on

my fingers on my acoustic guitar on soundcloud:

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5 responses to “Tribute To The BEATLES

  1. Beatles is always great and in every age people know and love, I think. For me there are some songs, as them, “All You Need is Love”, “Michelle”, “Norwegian Wood”, “Julia” and “Imagine”, I love so much and I love to sing too these songs… Thank you dear Frizz, have a nice weekend, love, nia


  2. This is a very jolly version, Frizz. Thank you.


  3. Excellent! Love the Beatles. I always enjoyed the bass line in Lady Madonna.


  4. Why do you think the photo is a fake Frizz?


    • one of the first comments was, the head of John is too big, but then other comments made clear: it was one of the early covers of the BEATLES, the photo came from a further school teacher and is not a fake. BEATLES, posing like a country band, funny! Later they changed their image! Several time they developed their image to other levels – with music, statements, lifestyle documents – and photo-arrangements – maybe they have been the first who played all keys of modern media management…


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