Bad Day Strategies

We all have our bad days, do you have a strategy to come out of such a cage? Sometimes I escaped to music or taking a shower, but at the end I mostly realized, I had to analyse the trouble to find a real good path to get out of there.
Even Kings have bad days
title=”Even Kings have bad days” – photo by Barry Knight, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr; he comments himself: “…Just noticed that the “King” is actually the “Queen”. They look quite similar, but the King has a beard…” Frizz comment: it seems that both female and male persons can have troubles, maybe a different kind??

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4 responses to “Bad Day Strategies

  1. I find digging out my compost heap helps to get things into perspective, or just plain digging. And if there is the possibility of starting off growing something, that’s good too. And I’ve also just this minute read on another blog, that when bad things happen yell ‘Plot twist’ and move on. Some of us, though, think we need to get to the bottom of things, and understand why they happen, tho sometimes there isn’t always an answer. Letting go is the ultimate skill to acquire and cultivate. I’ve yet to learn how to do that though.


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  3. Sometimes it’s good to write poems, or something totally different. Sometimes it’s time to watch a silly TV Series….or just walk in the nature



    Riding my bicycle until I drop usually helps me !


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