The Discovery Of Slowness

The Discovery of Slowness: hectic and the duty to increase steadily the pace are taking our life quality, or make us increasingly ill. A strategy of resistance: the “slowdown” instead of acceleration. You could learn from animals.

Just good friends
title=”Just good friends” – photo by Gary Perlmutter, click on the picture to visit his galleries on Flickr

title=”Horsepower!” – photo by Gary Perlmutter, click on the picture to visit his galleries on Flickr

Conflict of Interest
title=”Conflict of Interest” – photo by Cindy Cornett Seigle, click on the image to enter her galleries on Flickr

Snow Buggy
title=”Snow Buggy” by Cindy Cornett Seigle

you can find a longer list of my “mini thought theses” = my efforts to introduce philosophy in few lines on my ABOUT FRIZZTEXT page:

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

8 responses to “The Discovery Of Slowness

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  2. If we all moved slower, I think we would solve many of our physical ills and eliminate a lot of stress.


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  4. Slow is good if I remember correctly.


  5. Yes, yes, yes….we are preparing for a retreat to a lodge in northern MN where there are no phones and no TV….one must slow down. Great post!


  6. Isn’t it interesting that you wrote a mini thought thesis on this subject because we are all in too much of a hurry to read a longer version. This has been on my mind a lot lately, as my own life gets busier. I like the idea of walking at a goose’s pace, or a horse’s pace. But not a cheetah! 🙂


    • hi Lynn,
      for sure it is a great difference
      between your high speed minded New York
      and actually the timeless silence of the mountains.
      We have a friend who escaped from New York
      (working there as a teacher)
      to Boulder (now horse back riding
      in the Rocky Mountains…)

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  7. Frizz, it’s Jackie my other blogs got hacked and after three or four years I had to start over, I am the one that does book reviews, and I believe your wife has a blog too? Jackie 🙂


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