Maps are systems of understanding. Geographical maps, drawings of engineers, scrapbooks of architects. Mathematics or literature are other systems of discovering, mind-mapping. Just like music, photography, Yoga, but the most important system of finding an orientation was for me: psychology (even ranking high above over medicine) – psychology leads us through the landscape of living, doctors describe how we will leave this world…

Map of Churchill Harbour by Jens Munck 1624 (1897)
title=”Map of Churchill Harbour by Jens Munck 1624 (1897)” – introduced and kindly sent to my group BLOG IT by Wyman Laliberte, to see more maps, click on the image to enter his galleries on Flickr
P.S.: NIETZSCHE: “To find a metaphor is to find a new thought”

Laura Bloomsbury (read her comment below) found the term “mini thought theses” for my efforts to introduce philosophy in few lines – I’ll try to make a list of these posts:


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6 responses to “Maps

  1. Laura Bloomsbury

    I like your mini thought theses Frizz – psychology maps out how well we are not living life and points to a way out including all the hurdles to the exit!
    p.s. to find a new thought is to find Nietzsche


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  4. Yes! There are many kinds of maps. I love them – that’s a handsome one you posted. It makes sense that a psychological map was most helpful to you. I like that one too!


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