The War Attitude

Noticing the present wars in Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Africa etc. I always remember, that the character property of stubbornness was probably placed in our gene pool.
photo by Eric E. Fernández, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr

title=”Magistrates” – photo by Istvan Kadar, sent to my group BLOG IT too, click on the picture, to enter his galleries on

Culpem: madness
title=”Culpem: madness” – photo by Ian & Kate Bruce, click on the picture to enter their galleries on Flickr

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12 responses to “The War Attitude

  1. love the buffalo photo! 🙂


  2. What à coïncidence….My topic is allo Ukraine today


    • hi Didier, you have chosen good photos – just saw in our TV Ukrainian troops with Hakenkreuz and SS-Runen: I would not support such troops! But the NATO just joins them for a sea maneuver in the Black Mare…

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  3. Great shots of males in conflict!



    What great photos and analogy Frizz!


  5. Fantastic shots Frizz! Fighting over perceived differences when they have so much in common.

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  6. Butting heads says it all about how much nonesense it all is. Wonderful collection.


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